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Flourish with your plant


It all started with simple landscaping in my backyard. I noticed how I felt lighter and happier around plants and trees. I decided to look at different plants….. How they all have a unique personality, what soil is right, how much light they need, how much water they need, and how much attention they want.

People are much the same way. We all need something different to keep us on a healthy path, our life path.

Connecting People to Plants

I started seeing astrology signs can easily pair with a plant that has much the same personality, caring for your special plant can nurture you as well.

Our connection to plants is so strong, it takes only a few minutes of being in their presence to start feeling better. Studies have found that less than 20 minutes is enough to make us feel more at peace.

Each one of our plants comes with its own Spiritual Blessing.

Plants have a huge restorative capacity. Plants can help us recharge and be grounded. Plants have the potential to mellow the body’s fight-or-flight response. When we are fatigued and have negative emotions, seeing a plant can redirect our attention, restoring our positive emotions and increasing productivity, creativity, and attention capacity. So you can see plants affect our psychological and physical health.

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